Community-Based Livelihood Initiative Project (CLIP)

CIWED in partnership with Tools for Self-Reliance (TfSR), a UK based donor to provide skills training for young people in Northern Region. The programme is an intervention to ensure that the youth (18 – 24 years) especially those out of school to acquire entrepreneurship skills to become self-reliance and live dignified lives and reduce social vices in society. The unemployment rate and the lack of livelihood opportunities in the Northern Region and the country at large has contributed to a large extend of some social problems such as Rural- Urban migration (Kayaye) where young people as low as age 10 and above migrate from northern region to the southern regions of Ghana to do menial jobs such as head-potting to earn a living. Most of them return with teenage pregnancies and STIs, worsening their situations and increase their poverty level.
The fist face started in July 2019 to train 10 young girls in dressmaking and 5 young boys in welding and fabrication.  Many of these young people were selected from the streets and part of the project aim is to re-integrate them back to their homes when they are done with the trainings.
The second face which is yet to start is looking at getting 26 young boys and girls acquire skills in Tailoring and dress making, Head dressing and beautician and Electronic welding and fabrication. This will contribute in Addressing Youth Unemployment through Skills Training and Development especially young women of age brackets (12-25) to be self-reliance and economic independent.

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