CIWED Supports Communities to Reflect and Act on Gender Issues

As follow-up action to a reflection meeting held among Gender Network Groups (Ge-Net), CIWED supported the leadership of the Ge-Net to widen their discussion to the entire communities. Reports gathered from community volunteers revealed that the traditional leaders were full of praise for CIWED and OSIWA for facilitating a community led appraisal action.

The chief of Kparigilanyili in the Nantong District could not hide his satisfaction during a monitoring visit to his community and palace.  CIWED can report that the reflection meetings created a community led appraisal platform for community members to find local solutions to their local problems. Parents increased their understanding on gender and human right issues. The Assemblywoman for Gbumgbum electoral area; the only female elected Assemblywoman in Nantong District was so happy for the CIWED/OSIWA intervention. She pledged to partner with CIWED to have more female elected Assemblywomen in the coming District Assembly elections.

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