VSLA Leadership from 20 communities received training on child and forced marriages and Adolescents SRH (ToT) and Group- savings and loans management.

As part of project roll out, CIWED-GH in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development trained the leadership of VSLA groups from 20 communities. These communities were drawn from Nantong and Savelugu; the two districts CIWED is rolling out the Women Voice and Leadership Project. The trainings spanned for two weeks in each district covering topics on various VSLA and leadership principles including; income generating activities (IGA), financial literacy, leadership skills and basic book keeping.

The Executive Director of CIWED, Mr. Baako Abdul Fatawu explained to the leadership that their understanding of the modes of operation and management of the VSLA is essential to its sustainability in the communities. He urged the leadership to embrace honesty and transparency in managing the VSLA boxes.

The project is supported by Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) which seeks to increase the effective participation of women in decision-making roles and leadership positions and also to empower them to have access and control of resources.  The project also seeks to have visibly empowered women, girls, men and boys’ groups leading the campaign for gender transformation. The programme is expected to directly benefit approximately 2,840 and about 8,741 indirect beneficiaries in the medium to long-term, with sixty-five percent (65%) being women.

On their part, the leadership of the VSLAs expressed delight for the capacity enhancement to manage the associations. They revealed that the intervention of CIWED in their communities was great and pledged more support to upcoming activities.

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