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USAID Agriculture Finance Project

CIWED in partnership with SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) with funding from USAID Agri-finance project advocated for smallholder farmers who are primarily women to access banking services at the comfort of their homes to promote electronic cash transaction for safe keeping of their monies.  The project covered Mion, Sagnarigu, Tamale Metro, and West Mampurisi and Bole districts.

The following are the achievements under the USAID Agriculture Finance Project

·      The project mobilised over 5, 394 smallholder farmers in the aforementioned districts in the northern region of Ghana.

·      The project collaborated with Fidelity Bank in Tamale to linked up to 2, 780 smallholder farmers to open SMART accounts with Fidelity Bank in order to bring banking services to the doorsteps of these smallholder farmers and to encourage the operation of cashless system in communities.

·      The Agri-Finance project also trained over 50 women groups on Village Savings and Loans Association on Financial Literacy and numeracy and basic Records Keeping.