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Community-Based Livelihood Initiative Project (CLIP) 1 and 2

CIWED in partnership with Tools for Self Reliance (TfSL), a UK based donor since 2019 to provide skills training for 15 young people from 2019 to 2020 and 26 young persons from 2012 to 2022 in Tamale, Sagnarigu and Nanton.  The project which started in July 2019 to train 10 young girls in dressmaking and 5 young boys in welding and fabrication.  Also the second face see to train 15 young girls in dressmaking, 6 young boys in welding and fabrication and 5 young girls in Hairdressing/Beautician. Many of these young people were selected from the streets and part of the project aim is to re-integrate them back to their homes when they are done with the trainings.

The following are the achievements so far since its inception in July:

–       10 young girls are places in dressmaking shops and have since started their skills trainings and 15 new once have also started their training.

–       5 young boys are placed at welding and fabrication shops and have since started their skills trainings and 6 young boys are currently in internship.

–       5 young girls are places in Hairdressing/Beautician internship for one year

–       15 young people in Tamale Metropolis and Sagnarigu Municipal are self-reliant and able to cater for their basic needs and their immediate families.

–       15 young people in the project communities acquired theoretical knowledge in business and financial literacy, Life skills, and Entrepreneurship and improved their income generation levels and negotiation in the business sector.

–       Over 80 stakeholders including parents, traditional leaders and religious leaders made aware of the project and accept and commit their support to the project and its objectives.

–       About 150 people within the project communities received awareness about the project benefit, goals and objectives.