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Women Voice and Leadership Project

CIWED is currently in partnership with Plan International through Plan International Ghana, implementing a multi country grant from Global Affairs Canada (Canada Federal Identity Program), on Women Voice and Leadership with the aims of empowering women and young girls to claim their rights to decision-making and sustainable livelihood through capacity building processes to influence responsible resource governance. That is Women’s access to equal participation in decision-making and economic resources are not just a democratic right but it is critical for accountable, transparent and responsive governance. The project is currently running in 5 communities in the Nantong District. The project built the capacity of over 200 women network groups on key gender transformative issues.  The project formed VSLA of 75 women from 5 communities and further gave them capacity on basic group management and book keeping.

The following are the achievements of the project:

  1. 5 community gender networks (Ge-net) groups formed in the project communities.
  2. About 200 Ge-net members trained on advocacy, lobbying and negotiation skills.
  3. About 2800 community members sensitized on gender issues
  4. 75 women formed into Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA)
  5. 75 women trained on financial literacy and basic book keeping skills and income generating activities [IGA]