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CIWED with funding support from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) seeks to increase the effective participation of women in decision-making roles and leadership positions and to empower them to have access and control of resources in two districts in the northern region. As part of the “women voice and Leadership” project, CIWED convened a town hall meeting on ending gender inequalities in the project districts. The theme for the town hall meeting was “Leave no Female Behind”.

Addressing the participants, the Executive Director of CIWED, Mr. Baako Abdul Fatawu reaffirmed that CIWED seeks to have visibly empowered women, girls, men and boys groups leading the campaign for gender transformation in the communities. He assured that CIWED will continue to work towards empowering women and youth at the community level to advocate for their rights.  He added that the project will build community structures to lead the campaign and sustain the gains. He concluded that women and their groups in the communities will be supported more to make specific demands for their rights including access to resources, representation and participation in decision-making.

The town hall meeting was attended by various district and community stakeholders including the district coordinating director, the department of social welfare and community development, the Ghana Education Service, the Ghana Health Service, community chiefs and elders, the honorable assemblymen and women, students, youth groups and women groups.

The two days town hall meeting increased the confidence of community women and girls towards seeking community leadership positions. It also created platform for increased commitment from traditional leaders to support women with lands to farm.

As follow-up action to a reflection meeting held among Gender Network Groups (Ge-Net), CIWED supported the leadership of the Ge-Net to widen their discussion to the entire communities. Reports gathered from community volunteers revealed that the traditional leaders were full of praise for CIWED and OSIWA for facilitating a community led appraisal action.

The chief of Kparigilanyili in the Nantong District could not hide his satisfaction during a monitoring visit to his community and palace.  CIWED can report that the reflection meetings created a community led appraisal platform for community members to find local solutions to their local problems. Parents increased their understanding on gender and human right issues. The Assemblywoman for Gbumgbum electoral area; the only female elected Assemblywoman in Nantong District was so happy for the CIWED/OSIWA intervention. She pledged to partner with CIWED to have more female elected Assemblywomen in the coming District Assembly elections

Two days’ trainer of trainees training organized for Girls Assembly (GAS) leaders and patrons on leadership, team-building and advocacy training

The Girls Assembly (GAS) and Boys Advocacy Clubs concepts are CIWED innovations that see a group of girls and a group of boys formed to deliberate on issues affecting girls in schools, such as leadership, gender discrimination & stereotype, and adolescent reproductive health, including child marriage issues. CIWED through OSIWA support has GAS and BACs in twenty schools in two districts.

As part of strengthening strategies, CIWED supported a two days’ trainer of trainees training for GAS leaders and patrons (120 members) on leadership, team-building and advocacy training. The training was co-facilitated by CIWED and the girl child officers of the Nantong and Savelugu Districts. The meeting gave the girls capacity on leadership and reproductive health issues. The training also gave them knowledge on pathways to report cases of abuse and dangers of child marriage.

The teachers and patrons of the schools saw the action as complementing the role of the Ghana Education Service and expressed satisfaction with the actions.

CIWED Livelihood Trainees undergo Refresher Capacity Training in Tamale-24/06/2022

CIWED GHANA Organized a refresher training workshop for its CLIP 2 beneficiaries in Tamale. This was in appreciation of the need to complement the practical skills of the trainees with soft capacity. The training centred on Business management, financial management & negotiation and Life skills.

The master craftsmen/women, who are tasked to train the beneficiaries, were given the opportunity to participate in this training. In sum, 30 participants showed up for the training. In his opening remarks, the Executive Director of CIWED, Mr. Baako Abdul fatawu welcomed the trainees and admonished them to take active part in the training. He also reminded them that learning and mastering the job alone will not bring much success until the workers learn how to manage their business, their finances and customer relations in general.

The trainer, Mr. Issah Aminu Danaa, used a mixture of pictures, videos and words to deliver the training. The participants felt very comfortable with the facilitation approach. The verbal post training evaluation showed that the training was rated very high. One trainee remarked; “Today I have increased my knowledge on how to relate with my future customers; I will be very honest and friendly with them”. Another remarked; “Now I understand why some master craftsmen lose their customers. I will be a good master when I graduate

The project is supported by Tools for Self Reliance UK. It seeks to reduce the unemployment challenges in the Northern Region of Ghana and also contribute to empower these young people to become responsible and respected citizen in their home and communities as well.

CIWED’s Radio Discussion on Gender Based Violence gets Massive Public Response

On 4th June, 2022 CIWED Ghana had a radio discussion to educate the people of northern Ghana, especially, Savelugu Municipality and Nanton District on gender based violence and the various forms it takes. This was in response to objective two (2) of the CIWED/MSH programme to support advocacy activities of 20 groups for prevention and responding to Gender Based Violence (GBV) during the COVID-19 pandemic through campaigns targeting male engagement in domestic responsibilities and addressing drivers of intimate partner violence. The discussion featured the Northern Regional Director of the Department of Gender as well as a representative from the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ). Men’s contribution to the programme blamed women for emotionally abusing them whereas women blamed men for physically and financially abusing them. The project is supported by Management Sciences for Health Ins. (MSH), with the goal to contribute to advocacy and accountability for the continuation of quality, lifesaving health and nutrition services for women, children, and adolescents during and after the COVID 19 pandemic, and for improving health outcomes in these areas.

CIWED Ghana holds 2-day Life Skills &Adolescent Health Training Workshop

CIWED Ghana carried out a capacity building training workshop for its livelihood focused trainees. the training focused on life skill and adolescent health practices to help them address the challenges they might face concerning their adulthood. The aim of the activity was to empower the young trainee with the requisite skills to enable them understand the developmental changes face by young adults and to prepare for them. The activity also aimed at differentiating between a child and an adult and how the two are interrelated.

CIWED Ghana Organized a training workshop on Financial Literacy, Book Keeping and Numeracy Training for 26 six young boys and girls in Tamale

As part of project activities of the roll out for Community-Based Livelihood Initiative Project (CLIP) 2, CIWED Ghana organized a two-day training work shop for 26 young boys and girls to equip them with theoretical knowledge in addition to the practical skills training. The aim of the activity was to equip the young trainees of CIWED with the necessary customer lobbying skills and how to keep a simple cash book for recording of pretty expenses when they become masters and own their businesses. The training was conducted on the 18th and 19th of August, 2021. This will enable them carry out their duties effectively and manage their businesses well and to contribute in addressing unemployment and poverty issues in their respective communities. The project which is supported by Tools for Self Reliance UK seeks to reduce the unemployment challenges in the Northern Region of Ghana and also contribute to empower these young people to become responsible and respected citizen in their home and communities as well. The project is to directly benefit twenty (20) young girls (77%) in hair dressing and beatification and tailoring and dressmaking and six (6) young boys (23%) in electronic welding and fabrication.


CIWED Ghana On the 26th of March, 2022 carried out a radio sensitization campaign programme to educate the people of Savelugu Municipality and Nanton District as well as the entire Northern Region on the need to sustain their access to essential health services. This programme was also to galvanize support for the government to make sure that, funds are allocated to the hospitals and clinics for the provision of essential service which have been neglected at the expense of COVID 19. The project is supported by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), upon award to CIWED a COVID-19 Rapid Response and Recovery Small Grants funding to implement activities in two districts in Northern Region with the goal to contribute to advocacy and accountability for the continuation of quality, lifesaving health and nutrition services for women, children, and adolescents during and after the COVID 19 pandemic, and for improving health outcomes in these areas.


On the 24th of March, 2022 CIWED Ghana sensitized the people of Savelugu Municipal and Nanton District and the entire Region of the North of Ghana on the need for empowering women and young girls. This programme carried out through radio to Galvanizing Stakeholders’ Support for the Women and Girls. The project is sponsored by Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) in partnership with CIWED Ghana on the Women Voice and Leadership programme. The goal of the radio program is to promote women’s leadership by giving them a greater voice and presence in the community with actions in their communities to increase support for the inclusion of women in decision-making bodies.

CIWED Organizes a Float to Commemorate International Women’s Day in a Unique Style

As a gender sensitive organisation, CIWED celebrated its key stakeholders; the women on the special occasion of the International Women’s Day. In celebrating the event on the 8th of March, 2022 the organization brought together Womens from Kpano and Gbemgbem community in Nanton district to join hands in the celebration. The Chief of the traditional area expressed delight for CIWED’s choice of his area to commemorate this important international event. Congratulations to all women